Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brushing Teeth

Porter loves to brush his teeth! He puts it right in his mouth and walks around for a minute and then gives it back to us when he's done.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

New Additions

About a week ago, Ben told me he had a surprise for me. "A surprise for me? Now... what could that be?" Well... two turtles were about the last thing on my mind. No, they weren't even ON my mind. So yes, we now have two turtles we've named Peat and Repeat. (One is a little bigger than the other one. ) I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but they're an easy keep so I guess it's okay.
They're not doing what you think in this photo. The bigger one, Peat, climbs on top of Repeat everyday and just sits there with all his legs spread straight out, even his toes (or whatever they are) are spread out. It's really funny! But every time I try to get a picture of it, they both jump back in the water.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blankets Galore

Porter loves his blankets! Luckily, he hasn't attached to just one, but he only likes the 100% kind of rough cotton ones. At least twice a day, he will pull all of his blankets from the nicely folded pile I have them in and spread them throughout the house. I took these pictures in a matter of one minute just walking from room to room.

As you can see, there are a total of 10 blankets in use at one time. Instead of saying "blanket" he calls them "daddy" but he does understand when we tell him to go get his blanket. It's very cute! Ben and I have both been grateful he has something that brings comfort to him, especially when we have a sitter. He does still use a pacifier, but only when he's sleeping. We're working on taking that away though. Tough times to come.


So yes, it's been "some time" since our last post and I don't have any good excuses except simply not wanting to. Nothing is new... we're just enjoying family life together and getting REALLY sick of winter and the cold. Porter can say a lot of words and phrases these days such as: more, bottle, outside, dog, "woof woof," all gone, daddy, mama, love you, no no, uh oh, and bite. There are many more, but I can't recall them. He understands SO MUCH more too. We really are so thrilled to have such a bright little man. He is advanced for his age, we just hope it stays that way!
This is a recent classic Porter face. Sometimes he makes this face when we tell him "no" or if he decides he's mad but doesn't want to throw a fit. Other times, he just makes the face. He also loves climbing into things especially containers that already have things in them and he proceeds to throw everything all over the floor.
Here's our happy boy. He's been walking for well over 3 months now and usually runs wherever he is going. We must avoid socks in the house because he slips and slides all over.

Bath time with daddy is a joy! He absolutely loves it (aside from the actual "bathing" part).

Doesn't he look so grown-up in this picture? At almost 15 months, our little baby is not so baby.

Just a cute picture.