Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Tricks

Porter mimics very well and is now clapping and can sound like an Indian. He even attempts to do both at the same time. Believe it or not, he is even taking steps! Our baby will be walking any day now. AH! Porter just got his first two teeth. They came in at the same time. He's changing so much and talks nonstop all day long. We love it all!

Porter at bedtime

Porter and I took a little trip to Montana this past week to visit my parents. He did okay on the trip - he really doesn't like to be locked up for very long. We had a great visit except my dad had injured his shoulder and couldn't really play with Porter. You can see from this video he got some good laughs out of him though. Porter loves his grandparents and even adapted to Kipper (their puppy). Thanks mom and dad for letting us stay with you!

Straw Maze

We went with a couple families to this straw maze and had a blast! There was creepy music, spider webs and chasing... oh my! It was pastPorter's bedtime so he wasn't the happiest, but he was a good sport and fell asleep as soon as he was in the car.


Ben surprised me with a date night a couple weekends ago and we carved these FABULOUS pumpkins. It was really fun! Neither of us had carved pumpkins for many years. They're not very artistic (as neither of us were blessed with those talents), but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.