Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today is December 30th. It has been snowing a little today so Porter and I decided to make a few videos special for Grandpa Goodrich. Everyone else can enjoy them too!

I hope you can see these Grandpa. I know that your internet connection is slow. I made these videos as small as I could. Know that we love you and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Random Summer Events

This past summer, we went on a raft trip with some friends and had a great time. The weather was perfect and the water felt great!
Porter at the state fair. He loves animals and really enjoyed seeing and touching them.

I was getting ready to take Porter to get his pictures done and thought maybe I should take a few so he'll be used to it. When I asked him to smile, this is what he did. I thought it turned out great!

Jump 'N Bounce

My sister took us to a Jump 'N Bounce and Porter LOVED it! Instead of walking, he usually jumps wherever he goes anyway. And instead of running, he shuffles along really fast. He has so much energy!

Family Visit

Porter and I spent a week visiting family and let dad put his nose to the grind to finish off the semester. Porter had a blast playing with his cousins.
Porter gives us a few good laughs during the day as he comes up with new and silly things. This day, his horse got stuck in his pocket which he thought was funny and asked me to put the rest of his "ahmals" on him. Too cute!

While visiting with the family, we had a dinner with everyone and celebrated Porter's birthday. He did much better this year and smiled when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to him. (Last year, he screamed.)

Porter is 2!

Porter turned 2 this month and we can't believe it! He is such a busy little boy; constantly moving from one thing to the next. We are amazed every day with the new words and phrases he can say and how clearly he says them... at least they're clear for mom and dad who are pretty used to his speech. "Curious George" has become a favorite at our house and he asks several times a day for "more George?" Porter still loves his blankets and wants them all piled on him at night. He loves to give kisses and hugs and has a great time playing with other children. He truly is so much fun and brightens our days with his sweet smile and addictive giggle. We decided we'll keep him around!